All About Life is managed by Alma Cala – mom to 3, marketing and PR Dyosa, beginner-surfer, beach-food-travel-shoes-lover, Daddy’s girl, and domesticated.  I started blogging in 2007 via multiply, posting photos of events I attended and managed, it also includes photos of food and places I visited. I was just focusing on fashion and events in 2011 and started posting #ALMbisyosa series.

#ALMbisyosa was inspired from the word ANNEbisyosa and the word was coined by my very good friend – Sara Masakayan-Alvarez. I first heard of ANNEbisyosa when Anne Curtis herself was promoting her album and concert. I was also inspired then to have many twitter followers like Anne Curtis Smith (@annecurstissmith) who has millions of followers in Twitter –— just phenomenal!

Since then, I always use the word #ALMbisyosa in my tweets and posts.

What does #ALMbisyosa mean?

#ALMbisyosa – from the word AMBITIOUS.

Follow your dreams…live your life..know your purpose…share happiness!

Because of my #ALMbisyosa series in my previous blog (ALL ABOUT LIFE – http://www.almacala.blogspot.com) , which used to feature my daily officeday look – my officemates volunteered to be included in my post. I somehow encouraged them, I think (wink*) to  dress with character everyday – YES, Everyday…

#ALMbisyosa aims to encourage POWER dressing and the rest follows. A lot of people, including me, would feel tired on getting to work especially on Mondays, and whine about their jobs, etc.  But come to think of it,  if you start your day in looking fabulous, it will totally change your mindset for the day, inviting positive vibes, feeling energized and also performing better at work.  If you start looking fab every morning, you will also feel good about yourself all day . Start your day right by loving how you look when you go to work.

Now, #ALMbisyosa has evolved.  In this blog, you will see the following categories:

#ALMbisyosa Series – All About Fashion (Officeday Look, Weekender, Traveller, and all about Power Dressing!)

#ALMbisyosa Travels – All About My Destination Explorations

#ALMbisyosa Opinion – My Reviews on topics or events that I find interesting 😉

Super thanks to #Shellicious (Michelle Simbulan) for creating the logo of #ALMbisyosa.


Alma Cala


#ALMbisyosa Series: Michelle Simbulan PEG

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